The exhibition ‘On Paper’ gathers artists, who apply paper as an intrinsical element of meaning in their works, in addition to its function of conveying messages. Hence the artists present in the exhibition mediate through paper, using its transparent, light, sensitive surface. Each of the works demonstrate the pleasures of temporality and sensuality that the artists experience with this material. Paper is an accompaniment in the creation process as it can both bear the liberties taken in the drafts and initial steps of inspiration or the traces of mastership. No matter how thick and voluminous it may be, it never strikes roots but tends to expand in an infinite horizantal space, dreaming of an anonymous state. The works on paper acknowledge the vitality of plays and defy the conceited approaches in categorization, patriarchal distinctions or piety. Paper, for which fragility is not an imperfection but a convenience, transforms mistakes into exciting discoveries. Hence it is the ideal material for the one who embraces his/her own faults. The artist who uses paper as his/her material would pursue plurality, see flaws as an opportunity, situate him/herself in presence rather than serving a transcendent goal. There is always something missing, a place for the unidentified ones “without papers”, born immigrants, roofless in paper. Gaia Gallery’s selection of works by the noteworthy artists of Turkey’s contemporary art scene, demonstrates the possibilites that paper offers as a material and the infinity of imagination.