Bahadır Baruter

Born in 1963, Ankara.

He continues his studies in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Painting Department. He started his drawing career at the age of 27 and continued drawing in various comics. Baruter’s prominent solo shows “Wealth Suspicions” (2007), “Your Family is a Lie, Dear” (2012) and “Home, Sweet Home” (2014) were held in x-ist. He took place in various group shows and art fairs such as; “Beyoğlu 14-18” (Akbank Arts and Culture Center,, 2004) and “Hayvan Gibi Sergi” (Milk Gallery, Istanbul 2011), Contemporary Istanbul ‘12 & ‘13, Art14 London ve ArtInternational Istanbul 2013. He is among the founders of Penguen (weekly comic) where he draws since 2002.