Hande Şekerciler

Hande Şekerciler, Sculptor. Birth 1982, Bursa, Turkey. Graduated from University of Marmara, School of Fine Arts Education, Faculty of Sculpture. Collaborated with various artists after completing university education.

“Of course I feed upon reality for my sculptures. But I see a different reality: Our peaceful daily life with its routine rituals is in fact sits upon on a huge drift. We may fight, have an accident or die at any moment.

In “İmaginary Enemies”, I describe characters who are suddenly drawn to the threshold of insanity while they were going on with their peaceful daily routine.  In my sculptures I don’t describe what they do but what’s going on in their minds at that exact moment. A woman fed up with his harassment thinking of killing her husband, a pregnant woman refusing her child because of social statue the motherhood brings and etc.

The thin line between fantasy and insanity is where I am interested.

I use epoxy and acrylics because these materials allow me to establish the contrast between content and plastics. This way, my characters who entertain such horrid fantasies look like sweet cartoon heroines. These materials also allow me to add enough details to create that alternative reality feeling. “


Seçilmiş Sergiler:


Contemporary Istanbul / Gaia Gallery – İstanbul

The Call of Marsyas w/ Gaia Gallery – Bodrum

Figürün Gizemi w/ Plato Sanat – İstanbul

Plaza Worker w/ Elgiz Museum – Istanbul

Small Faces, Large Sizes w/ Elgiz Museum – Istanbul


Monophobia, solo exhibition w/ Gaia Gallery – Istanbul

On Paper w/ Gaia Gallery – Istanbul

Contemporary Istanbul w/ Gaia Gallery – Istanbul


Untitled w/ Gallery Metazori – Alaçatı | July 2014

Batteries Not Included w/ Gallery Linart – Istanbul

Contemporary Istanbul w/ Gaia Gallery – Istanbul


Are You As Great As Your Shadow w/ Cer Modern – Ankara

Friendship 2 w/ Artis Causa Gallery and Technohoros –  Athens (Greece)


Contemporary Istanbul w/Alan Istanbul – Istanbul

Warhola  w/ Alan Istanbul – Istanbul

Group Exhibition w/ Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery – Istanbul

Friendship 1 w/ Artis Causa Gallery – Thesseloniki


Contemporary Istanbul w/ Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery – Istanbul

Art Bosphorus Contemporary Art Fair w/  Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery – Istanbul

İkametgah Kadıköy 2011


Sıradakiler, solo exhibition w/ Gallery Selvin – Istanbul

Christmas Group Exhibition w/ Gallery Selvin – Istanbul


My Name is Casper @ Sümerbank Building Karaköy – Istanbul

Artist 19. Istanbul Arts Exhibition @ Tüyap – Istanbul

İhsan Oktay Anar Symposium Exhibition w/ Bilgi University – Istanbul


Artist 18. Istanbul Arts Exhibition w/ Casa Dell’Arte – Istanbul

Art Bosphorus Contemporary Arts Exhibition w/ Artium Arts Gallery – Istanbul

Summer Exhibition w/ Casa Dell’Arte – Istanbul


Taking Action w/ The Hall -Istanbul

35th Anniversary Exhibiton of Terakki Art Gallery w/ Terakki Art Gallery – Istanbul

Island Ferry Contemporary Arts Exhibition w/ Island Ferry – Istanbul

Mülayim Taaruz w/ Gallery X – Istanbul