Why should I buy editions?

Buying editions is the ideal way to start a collection for every art enthusiast.

What is the difference between an edition and an artwork?

An edition is an artwork as well. The only difference is its accessibility in financial terms. Thanks to editions, artworks from a wide range of techniques and approaches become affordable to anyone.

What does #GaiaEditions do?

#GaiaEditions’ collection, in which the upcoming artists are of great importance, comprises of the works of artists who have participated in the Association of the Museums of Painting and Sculpture’s competitions.

What can I find in #GaiaEditions’ collection?

The collection covers a wide range of techniques including aquatint, blind-embrossing, collagraphy, drypoint, engraving, etching, giclee, intaglio, mezzotint, monotype, relief, screen printing, woodcut and digital production.