Elektra KB in Moving Image Art Fair

Elektra KB Moving Image Art Fair’de

Elektra KB, presented by Gaia Gallery, premiered her new video ‘The Accidental Pursuit of the Stateless’ in the Moving Image Fair held in Haliç Congress Center.

Welcome Aboard Australia

As a part of the Australian Year events taking place in Turkey, Gaia Gallery has worked in collaboration with Asialink Arts to gather artworks by seven contemporary Australian artists. The exhibition, was made possible by the support of Australian Embassy. Australian Ambassador to Turkey has also attended the opening of the exhibition.

Nil Nuhoğlu’s piece on Nur Koçak

Gaia Gallery’s director Nil Nuhoğlu has written an article on her relationship with the artist Nur Koçak for Istanbul Art News’ recent issue. The article bears the title ‘Nur Koçak as an Outsider’.

Arda Yalkın in TrendsetterIstanbul

Arda Yalkın, presented by Gaia Gallery, has been featured in Trendsetter Istanbul’s latest issue in its section of Artists’ Notebooks.

Gaia Gallery’s artists in MOCA’s Collection

Elektra KB Yin Chuan'da

China’s Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) has included the works by Gönül Nuhoğlu and Elektra KB, presented by Gaia Gallery, in their collection. Nuhoğlu’s site-specific installation ‘Castle’ and eight works by Elektra KB has been added to the collection. Read more

A priceless tour in Istanbul

Art critic and curator Hande Oynar has given a tour to the participants of Master Card’s ‘Priceless Istanbul Tours’ in Gaia Gallery. The visitors also met with the artists Gönül Nuhoğlu, Nur Gürel and Yağmur Çalış, whose works are being displayed in the exhibition #GaiaOnPaper, as a part of the tour.

Global Diplomacy Lab’s visit

International think-tank group Global Diplomacy has visited Gaia Gallery. Participants have discussed the works displayed in the gallery’s recent exhibition ‘#GaiaOnPaper’.

Hande Şekerciler in Vogue Turkey’s new issue

The studio of Hande Şekerciler, presented by Gaia Gallery, has been featured in the Moodboard section of Vogue Turkey’s May 2015 issue.

Arda Yalkın in Cer Modern

Arda Yalkın, presented by Gaia Gallery, opened her third solo ‘Deep Fried Dreams 2’ in Ankara’s Cer Modern Hub Sanat Mekan in April 10th. The exhibition is on until May 3rd.

Launch of #GaiaBookmark

First book event of the year is being held in Gaia Gallery. We have launched our new section #GaiaBookmark, where you will be able to find a select list of art books.