Born With A Silver Spoon In Mouth

12.01 – 26.02.2017

Ardan is known as her turning the Turkish and global popular cultural expressions and images upside-down in her works. Especially in her works produced as using post-its and neon, she develops a special language overlapped by cultural history and daily life with the material accompanied with load of the meaning. Özmenoğlu comes up to a remarkable line in current art level of Turkey with the slaloming between signs and images in the slippery hill of the meaning and reference in our day described as the speed of communication and technology.

Özmenoğlu faces the male-dominant society codes as a female artist in her first individual exhibition in 2017, ’Babam Sağolsun’. She says ‘’Just like in my previous works, (Senin Annen Bir Melekti, Cumaya Gittim Gelicem, Seni Sevmeyen Ölsün) I was inspired by a local idiom again. This time, I reveal a situation analysis.’’ And adds ‘’With this popular expression to which I assign the meanings of not only an opposition also a confrontation, I wanted the audience to think and ask themselves again and again in the society they live in.

Özmenoğlu’s exhibition ‘Babam Sağolsun’, that makes us think about the daily life with the aspect of male-dominant codes, can be seen at Gaia Gallery’s new place Dolapdere until 26th of February.