Gaia Gallery Dolapdere in Daily Sabah

Gaia Gallery Dolapdere Daily Sabah

Kaya Genç wrote about the Gaia Gallery’s new spot in Dolapdere. Click here to read the article.

Arda Yalkın in BasedIstanbul

Arda Yalkin Based Istanbul

Arda Yalkın is talking to BasedIstanbul magazine about his new exhibition Everything is Awesome at Gaia Gallery Dolapdere. Click here to read.

About Data Art by Şifa Girinci

Şifa Girinci The Magger

Şifa Girinci is responding to questions of Rana Kelleci for Click here to read.

Now in Dolapdere

Gaia Gallery Dolapdere

Gaia Gallery is in Dolapdere now.

Address: Serdar Ömer Paşa Cad. No: 3 Dolapdere, Beyoğlu

For more info please follow us on Instagram: @gaiagallerytr

Work Starts With Ece

Ardan Özmenoğlu - Ece Ajanda

Ece Ajandası has collaborated with the artist Ardan Özmenoğlu for a special installation project, which will be on display in the company’s main store located in the Karaköy region. For the installation that was influenced by an advertisement from the company’s past, Özmenoğlu has garnished the store’s display window with pages from this well-known brand’s diaries. Read more

Nil Nuhoğlu’s piece on Şafak Gürboğa

Nil Nuhoğlu Şafak Gürboğa'yı yazdı

Gaia Gallery’s director Nil Nuhoğlu has written an article about the artist Şafak Gürboğa for Istanbul Art News’ July’16 issue. The article bears the title ‘The Portfolio on my Radar: Şafak Gürboğa’.

Berkay Tuncay in XOXO

Berkay Tuncay’s first solo exhibition ‘Life Is What Happens To You While You Are Watching Cute Cat Videos’ has been featured in XOXO The Mag’s recent edition. Tuncay has also appeared in GaiaLiveTalk to talk about the exhibition.

Arda Yalkın in LOOP Barcelona

Arda Yalkın, presented by Gaia Gallery, participated in Barcelona’s LOOP Fair in June 2-4, with her video installation ‘The Circle Jerk’. Turkish ambassador to Spain has also attended the opening of the fair. The artist has appeared in GaiaLiveTalk, conducted via Facebook in May 27, before attending the fair.

Hande Şekerciler in Vogue Turkey’s new issue

The studio of Hande Şekerciler, presented by Gaia Gallery, has been featured in the Moodboard section of Vogue Turkey’s May 2015 issue.

Gaia Gallery goes to Bodrum in August

Gönül Nuhoğlu - No Man's Land (2014)

Gaia Gallery’s exhibition ‘Call of Marsyas’ will be opened in Bodrum as a part of the 12th edition of D-Marin International Classical Music Festival. The exhibition including works by Hande Şekerciler, Gönül Nuhoğlu and Arda Yalkın can be seen in Gümüşlük Eklisia in 20-28 August.