Berkay Tuncay

After graduating from Istanbul University’s Restoration of Removable Cultural Artifacts Department, Berkay Tuncay (Istanbul, 1983) got his master’s degree from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University’s Digital Art and Design Program. Through-out his artistic career, Tuncay focused on the layers of the effects that internet inflicts upon the society on a global scale. In order to explore the mentioned effects of the internet, he copies, gathers and transforms the cultural codes floating online. He focuses on the concepts of error and randomness in the use of technological devices and uses videos and photographs alongside with the images and texts he gathers from the internet. Tuncay has participated in various residency programmes such as Art Center, İstanbul (2011-2013) and Cite des Arts, Paris (2014). His solo exhibitions include “WE ARE ACCIDENTS WAITING TO HAPPEN”, 49A, İzmir (2013) ve “I’M SORRY, BECAUSE I DANCE”, De Kijkdoos, Amsterdam (2011)’dir. Seçilmiş grup sergileri arasında ise; “Formless: Fluid Reality in New Media Art, Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrad (2015), “Bring Your Own Beamer”, Pera Müzesi, İstanbul (2015), “Post Internet is Dead”, Fisher Gallery, Ohio (2015), “Free Things”, STCFTHOTS, Leeds (2015), “Stay With Me”, Apartman Projesi, Berlin (2014), “Coup de Ville – Attracted by Another Level”, St. Niklaas (2013), “Söylenmemiş Yazılmamış: Dördüncü Sergi”, Borusan Müzik Evi , İstanbul (2013), “What I Love: Üçüncü Sergi”, Borusan Müzik Evi, İstanbul (2012), “Agency of Unrealized Projects”, e-flux organizasyonu, Kopfbau, Basel (2011), “An Exchange with Sol Lewitt”, Cabinet, New York (2011), “İstanbul’da Yaşıyor ve Çalışıyor”, Antrepo 5, İstanbul (2010), “Nuit Blanche des Petits”, CENTQUATRE, Paris (2010). Berkay Tuncay works and lives in Istanbul.